Are you considering a DIY project or home remodel but want an expert to set you up for success?

A recognized industry leader with over 25 years of experience in the design and build industry, owner Matt Mierek can provide expert advice on residential construction projects like kitchen and bath remodels.

Matt has a keen design eye combined with an extensive background in construction projects which allows him to empower clients with ways to maximize their space, save time and money and increase their home value. Matt’s clients frequently tell him that working with him on projects saved them time and costly mistakes. He provided a roadmap that made it easy to keep the project stress-free and on-track to a timely completion.

For an investment of $1,000 you will receive expert construction advice from Matt including:

+ Architectural rendering of your project

+ Cost Estimating

+ Subcontractor Recommendations

+ Materials List

+ Suppliers list

Our 5-step process makes it easy for you to navigate:

1. You’ll put together a mood board with your style and design preferences.

2. Matt will review your mood board with you and provide feedback.

3. Matt will create a rendering of the remodel for you to review together.

4. Matt will provide you with a materials list.

5. Matt will provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to execute the project.

Expert Guidance

Detailed Plan

Custom Design

Cost Efficient

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