Meet Our Team of Skilled Craftsmen

“The number-one thing clients say about Aptitude Design and Build is that they feel comfortable with us in their house,” says Matt Mierek, our owner and founder. “It shows how good the guys are not only with the work but the interactions with clients on a day-to-day basis.”

Twenty years ago when Mierek founded the business, he knew selecting the perfect employees would be key to serving clients and growing Aptitude further. Each team member would need to be highly skilled, personable and professional, able to handle everything from a partial home remodel to a full commercial renovation. “All of the guys that we have working for us are very, very skilled craftsmen, very skilled carpenters that really put the time and dedication into the projects that we do,” he says.

Keep reading to learn more about some key members of our team and their approach to working with clients.

Tim Pallett, Lead Foreman

Tim has been working in construction since his teenage years and has led several of our commercial and residential projects. These include this residential basement remodel in Wildwood, an eclectic bathroom renovation in Marthasville and many more.

“At Aptitude we’re really big on communication as the key to a successful project and working client relationship, just like any other relationship,” he says. “It sounds kind of cheesy, but the team Matt has assembled works so well together. It’s not uncommon for employees to butt heads, but all of us really want to do a good job. We really enjoy what we do, and we enjoy doing it together. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and much of our new work comes through referrals, which I think is the highest compliment of all.”

Jeff Smith, Lead Foreman

Jeff’s journey to construction work included a foray into culinary school, an associate’s degree in computer networking, jobs with the local carpenters union and more, before he landed at Aptitude. Matt met him at a job site and hired him on the spot.

“Our guys really take pride in everything they do,” he says. “When we leave a job, most of us take pictures to show our friends and family and to post on social media. Matt really prides himself on timely, quality work, which shows through in the final project. We strive to do the very best we can on every single job, for everyone. Everyone makes mistakes, but we make sure to own up to them if they happen and do our best to fix it.”

Eric Wintjen, VP of Operations

Eric has worked with Aptitude owner and founder Matt Mierek in varying capacities for 22 years, and recently came aboard full-time as VP of operations. He oversees projects from start to finish, making sure all goes smoothly.

“We take great pride in how we care for our clients, and interact with their homes as if they’re our own,” he says. “We get very emotionally connected to each client, which makes a huge difference in their experience. It’s so important to us that everything always turns out perfectly. Clients really notice and appreciate that. That’s what Aptitude means and stands for: striving to be the best at what you naturally do well.”