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Kitchen & Back of House Remodel

When this homeowner came to Aptitude Design and Build they had a few goals in mind: increase the efficiency of the kitchen, open the back part of the house so they could enjoy their guests as they entertained and an overall design update. In addition to making the kitchen more efficient and modern, one of the big objectives was to open the back of the house to the backyard with a beautiful view of ten acres of land.

In order to open everything up a lot of major changes needed to be made – the kitchen rearranged, windows added to the back of the house, screened in porch converted to a finished room, and the location of the staircase needed to be moved. Each of these changes were big modifications so we divided up the project into three phases to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. The first phase of the project was to take the screened in porch area and convert it into a finished room with heating and cooling while opening it up to the room with exposed beams. In the second phase of work, we flipped the staircase location to add pantries to the kitchen and create an overall better flow to the back of the house. In the final phase, we remodeled the kitchen, giving it a fresh design, more storage, and better flow. The design went from a 90’s vibe with light stained wood cabinets, cream-colored walls, dark-stained wood flooring to a modern, open, and light decor with white cabinets and cool colors.

One of our favorite design details are the marble tile around the range oven wall that subtly accentuates features by using shape and texture. We are really happy we were able to incorporate the wood beams in the design and that the small fireplace we added provides so much additional texture to the room. We are also really excited about how much natural lighting is now in the back of the house, we know how transformative a change like this can be in your home experience.








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