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Office Remodel in O’Fallon

We’ve done many commercial remodels in our day, but one that really stands out is this office renovation we recently completed for Component Bar Products in O'Fallon. The company, which manufactures parts for military machinery and aircrafts, came to us needing to update the conference room and meeting space used to train new employees at their facility.

We transformed what was once an unfinished back corner of the company’s warehouse into a clean, elegant and modern industrial space, with a professional look for new trainees. It’s also large enough to fit about 150 employees comfortably, which is perfect for their monthly skills training program.

Keep reading for our conversation with Aptitude owner Matt Mierek to get the scoop on this project and how we approached it.

How do you tackle a commercial remodel differently than a residential remodel?

For commercial office remodels specifically, as a contractor you’re generally trying to figure out how to make better use of the space the business already has. Oftentimes they’re expanding and need to make room for more staff, resources or event spaces. Once we nail down the client’s goals, we work on the design elements they’d like to incorporate and make sure it’s a well-executed, beautiful space. For this one, just touring the facility gave us a really good idea of what considerations we needed to address.

What was the client was looking for with this particular office remodel, and how did you pull it off?

The client wanted the space to feel warm and inviting, but still professional. They also wanted to incorporate bright yellow and green, which are the colors of their logo. We started by cleaning everything up, laying in new flooring and finishing the space. Then we worked with them to craft the design, with chairs, tables and a color scheme. In keeping with the industrial feel, we also came up with the idea of installing fluorescent tube lights that hang down from the ceiling. They serve a very practical purpose but also draw your eye to the ceiling and look really beautiful. We also added two large fans to enhance that sleek industrial look, but when in use they also allow their heating and cooling system to be more efficient.

That brings up an interesting point: How do you work those visual elements into the plan to make sure the end result is beautiful, but still functional?

I’m definitely not an interior designer, but I do have the benefit of years of experience, which helps determine how to negotiate that balance. I also envision everything holistically, which makes it a lot easier to create a functional space that’s going to meet clients’ needs. We’re also able to communicate that vision to clients with 3D renderings, so they aren’t taken by surprise. We also use those renderings to help them pick out design elements that come later in the process, like cubicles, chairs and decor that tie everything together.

In this case, working with the client to choose the right style of chairs, tables and cabinetry for the space ensured nothing clashed or looked out of place. We also added a little coffee bar that they could use for training sessions, and the cabinets we used add a nice, visually appealing touch to the space as well.


Component Bar Products


O'Fallon, MO



1,500 sq/ft


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