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Zion Lutheran School Gets A New Science Lab

Since our start, we’ve been passionate about giving back to our community. This year we decided to help a school we’ve been involved with for the last several years, Zion Lutheran School. We learned from the principal that they were redoing their science lab and we knew immediately that we wanted to be involved. We met with the teacher to find out what they liked about the current science lab and what they didn’t like. The only thing she liked was the big dry erase boards, but she wanted to change just about everything else. When we got involved the room had low desk tables, no storage and old worn desks. We worked with Warehouse of Fixtures to figure out the furniture needs first, such as tall tables and chairs. Next we made a list of things we needed: storage spaces for microscopes and science lab items, electricity at every table and a fresh new look. In addition to the science lab the room functions as a homeroom so storage was a priority. We also added an additional sink as a part of the science lab setup, and incorporated the school colors of black and red into the room. The floor we selected was a commercial grade LVT floor and we added new dry erase boards with a smart board that can hook up to a computer. All of our selections were ones that we believe the teacher and students will appreciate every day but will also last a long time. We were really touched when the entire class sent us handmade thank you cards. Go to the end of the pictures to see the before picture.


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