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A Master Bath Remodel

On the cusp of retirement, the Irvines were ready to treat themselves to a serene, relaxing bathroom that would allow them to start and end each day in a spa-like environment. But with so many trendy tile and countertop options on the market, it was essential to Aptitude President Matt Mierek and his team that the finished product was a space that would stand the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically. “I wanted to make sure it was something they’d be happy with in five years, something that would be timeless,” says Mierek. “After some conversation, we agreed on a color scheme that was a bit more muted—a space where they could add color in via accessories, with a neutral base that would age well over time.”

In order to achieve a timeless design, Mierek guided the homeowners toward unique tile and quartz options that still allowed for an upscale, relaxing feel without succumbing to too many trendy hues or flashy finishes. “I explained my thoughts on creating something classic, and the clients felt confident in that design,” Mierek says. But that’s not to say that the finished space ignores current design styles altogether. To the contrary, in-demand penny tiles are used in the shower floor to bring a fresh, modern feel to the space—a vintage-inspired look that Mierek has seen appearing more and more in recent projects. “Those little round penny tiles are really coming back into style, and yet I also still see them in older homes a lot. It’s one of those things that, 25 years down the road, is still going to be cool—but right now, it’s very popular.”

A hint of marble in the form of a chic shower ledge also channels the vintage-revival vibe, feeling at once classic and current. The mix of materials is part of what makes this space really shine, from the variety of tiles to the uniquely variegated countertops. “The countertops are a quartz product that mimics the look of stone,” Mierek recalls. Through close partnership with Aptitude’s approved countertop vendor, the couple was presented with a selection of options to help guide their decision process. “With the countertop company we work with, the designers really take the time to talk with the clients and reference pictures of their space. Just having someone who knows what’s in stock that would coordinate with these colors is a huge asset. When a client is choosing between hundreds of different slabs of granite, quartz, and marble, it can be overwhelming—so having a designer who really cares about color and design narrow it down to 2-3 options is a crucial first step,” he says. The quartz for this project was actually sourced as a remnant, which helped keep costs low for this remodel while also achieving a high-end look.

The freshly renewed master bath is now the perfect place for the couple to relax into retirement—and, just as crucially, it’s a serene escape that will continue to look and feel luxurious for years to come.


Master Bath Remodel


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