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Kitchen and Basement Remodel

Aptitude Design and Build always enjoys collaborating with clients on design, and this particular homeowner had some innovative ideas centered around their favorite color, orange.

The goal of this kitchen remodel was to make the space more efficient and comfortable while increasing its size. Aptitude came up with a design that relocated the kitchen island to a more natural place and extended the kitchen into a hearth room. This layout change almost doubled the kitchen's square footage and provided the homeowner with more seating. 

Aptitude's approach to any project always begins with maximizing the space and making it as inviting and comfortable as possible. The next step was to choose the cabinets and other design elements. To incorporate the client's favorite color, orange, in unique ways, Aptitude added orange panels to the fridge and an orange backsplash. 

The next focus was to finish the unfinished basement and add a nice bathroom and bedroom. The basement layout was relatively straightforward, but Aptitude made changes like adding an egress window to bring natural lighting and openness to the space.




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